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This web site does not use any cookies, we do not track any user data. - business values is a company that only consist of one person, the founder. Thus the company values are based on the founder's personal values.

Services offered to customers:

The company aims at delivering robust software of high quality - with focus on:

  1. Features required
  2. Keeping deadlines
  3. Security

What services are being invoiced:

If a customer has a technology setup - that this company does not have much experience with - yet - then training how to get familier with this technology setup is time that will not be invoiced to the new customer. That could e.g. be the time spent on setting up a new developing environment. Only productive work that brings value to our customers will be invoiced.

Woke'ism is not woke.

There are only two genders - determined by biology - humans can be either female or male. Gender is not something a person can feel nor identify as. Thus the company does not support preferred pronounce - because gender is only based on biology. In addition well established social communication standards has been derived from and based on the two genders - that includes useful pronounce - that has been used for decades. Multiple genders and preferred pronounce that can fluctuate and thus change - several times per day based on what a person feels - are both unproductive and silly.

The company does not support hiring people for most job positions - i.e. from public office to a position in a private company - where anything except skills and criminal records matter. Thus, in most situations, a person's:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Political affiliation
  • Skin color
  • Weight/height
  • Disabilities
  • Medical history

should almost never be considered a skill that gives a person an advantage to get a job and should NEVER be considered a crime to not not get a job.

Hiring a person for his/her skills is the best way for a company to acquire the best work force to work for them and improve their products/services and to compete in their markets against their competitors.

There are of couse situations where a person's e.g. age, gender, looks, fitness/health or other personal attributes as well as criminal records are essential for a job.

  • If a person has previously been convicted of economic crimes, a bank is correct not to consider this person for a job at their bank.
  • If a person has previously been convicted of violent crimes, a secutiry company is correct not to consider this person for a job as a body guard.
  • If a person cannot comply with the top physical requirements to get e.g. a navy seal position in a country's millitary, it is correct for a millitary not to consider this person as a soldier.
  • If a person has previously been convicted of abusing children, it is correct for any company never to hire this daemon for any position.
  • If a person is to be hired for a female modeling position, it is correct for a comapny not to hire males and also correct not to hire a female that does not match their beauty standards.
  • If a person has health issues, it is correct for e.g. an airline company not to hire this person for a position as a pilot.

This company praises Martin Luther Kings wise words: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.".

Grosen Friis, founder, February 2022

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